Soul Fever DVD

Historic Erotica

Erscheinungsdatum: 1. Oktober 2010
Freigegeben ab 18 Jahren

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Soul Sista Solos DVD These days a Sista`s got to do it all by herself. She can`t rely on a man for nothing. All the fellas these sexy ladies ever come across don`t even have the good manners to wash their dick before trying to stick it in! Well these Sistas have had enough! They`re going to take matters into their own hands. These ebony darlings know just just what it takes to get themselves off. They rub and finger their chocolate pussies oh so good! And when that ain`t enough, they break out there toys and fuck themselves harder than any man could!...
Double-D Soul Sister DVD 120m. One of the most under-recognized black fuckdolls in porn, Desiree West (a/k/a Patricia Lee) was a regular, though second-billed, starlet in many early features and loops. Yet everyone knows her when they see her: slim and stacked with a perfect pear-shaped ass, suckable large teardrop tits, a mouth that screams "blowjob", and smooth coffee-with-creme color skin. Here's a kickass collection of 16 of her best and rarest scenes from the late 70's in Daddy's Little Girl, Teen Angel, V: The Hot One, Sweet Cakes, That's Porno, Vista Valley PTA and more. Don't miss Scene #2 where her cock-sucking skills...
Double D Soul Sister DVD One of the most under-recognized black fuckdolls in porn, Desiree West (a/k/a Patricia Lee) was a regular, though second-billed, starlet in many early features and loops. Everyone knows her when they see her: slim and stacked with a perfect ... Full Descriptionpear-shaped ass, suckable large teardrop tits, a mouth that screams blowjob, and smooth coffee-with-creme color skin. Here`s a kickass collection of 16 of her best and rarest scenes from the late 70`s in Daddy`s Little Girl, Teen Angel, V: The Hot One, Sweet Cakes, That`s Porno, Valley PTA Vista and more. Don`t miss Scene #2 where...
Hotel Hooker DVD Soul Fever What better way to get yourself a piece of ass then to go the hotel where the bed is only moments away.A price is arranged and off you go to the races fucking a gal who makes fucking her business. Enjoy!
Lets Come Together DVD Soul Fever DVD The sexiest, hottest,nastiest stars in the Biz cant get enough sex.They love threeways, sucking big hard cocks,eating juicy wet tight pussies. But the plan is always the same LETS COME TOGETHER! ENJOY!
Samantha Strong Banggang Triple Feat DVD Soul Fever - This classic triple feature of the legendary beauty, Samantha Strong, offers her many memorable talents in her full glory!Featuring titles:- Strong Language- Misadventures of the Bang Gang- Samantha Strong vol. 1
Janey Robbins Loose Ends Triple Feat DVD Soul Fever LOOSE ENDS 1985. Wild and kinky action packed video feature featuring some of the sexiest ass pipes of the `80s!INSIDE EVERYBODY 1984. Deep Throat director Damiano directs porn stars in intimate scenarios of his choosing, including Janey deep throat Ron Jeremys long staff to the hilt.FEMME FATALE 1985. Janey is tag teamed by 2 masked intruders in this kinky and dark video production.
Cara Lott Awesome Triple Feature DVD Soul Fever Pornofilm UP TO NO GOOD 1986. 78 Minutes. Cara enjoys some poolside lesbian dildo play and several hard cocks in this video production which immortalized the phrase A nice hot pussy would go great with this ice cold beer.SIZZLING SUBURBIA 1985. 66 Minutes.Bored suburban housewives fill their days with endless cock sucking and fucking.AWESOME! CARA LOTT 25 Minutes. Rare video magazine featuring Cara and a bizarre Ron Jeremy scene.LA HUSTLE 22 Minutes. A dance audition turns nasty in this mini feature.
Rosemarie Caught From Behind DVD Soul Fever Sex Film THE X-TEAM 1984. 85 Minutes. Rosemarie appears in nearly every scene in this feature filled with wall-to-wall action.CAUGHT FROM BEHIND II 1983. 85 Minutes. Shot on film anal raunch fest featuring some of the tightest lubed anal fuckholes in the business!PHOTO FLESH 1984. 85 Minutes. A wheelchair bound Eric Edwards joins an exceptionally sexy cast including slender Susan Hart and rarely seen cult favorite Raven!
Leslie Bovee Blue Ecstasy Tripl Feat DVD BLUE ECSTASY IN NEW YORK 1980. 90 Minutes. Dual personalities inhabit Veronica, a sexy young woman with prudish tendencies. Her friend Niki encourages her to explore her secret desires, culminating in a degrading SandM session with Jamie Gillis.LUSTFUL FEELINGS 1977. 93 Minutes. A girl starts fulfilling mens` fantasies to raise money for her desperate coke dealer boyfriend.LESLIE BOVEE`S FANTASIES 46 Minutes. Rare loops include Leslie in lesbian action with Chris Cassidy and getting stuffed in all 3 holes by 3 guys.

Soul Fever

  • But don`t worry, they`ve got more than their hands to put to good use. no doctor can help, so interviewing is pointless - not to mention dangerous - since black people often carry knives or shanks. So relentlessly real, your breath will be trapped under the weight of their flesh. Yes, we have done it again: We found no less than thirteen girls who love nothing more than having sex. It`s all fun and games when you are Living With Anna. A beautiful young natural girl comes in. Here she unleashes all of her pent-up sexual desires and gets satisfied over and over. Soul Fever will have you yearning for more. Marcus can ram the back of her throat with his oversized tootsie roll. Hang the looks thought Charly Chase who was willing to settle for a genuine, honest man willing to take risks. She may be a young little squirt but don`t let her age fool you - she floods the action with gallons of sweet, girlie jizz. No, this town is being visited by the very horny ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future. You take matters into your own hands. This edition features Jenny Hendrix`s phat ass scene. I feel real passionate about these big beautiful women. Get your snorkel ready for over 9 hours of The Mayhem Geysers as our nastiest little f*ck sluts get crammed full of massive c*cks up their gaping assh*les, mouths, and p*ssies until they squirt a mile-high fountain of steaming hot p*ssy juice like a fire Sheliss Elleness Zurbach suddenly appears out of the blue in modern day Tokyo. A stunning young woman surrenders herself at a remote chateau at her lover`s request and is immediately forced into a round-the-clock regimen of every sexual appetite imaginable.

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